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Private & Public Cloud Development & Mobile Architecture & Best Practices
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ITCamp 2012 - community-driven conference on Microsoft technologies
Mihai Tătăran, Tudor Damian
The Future of Software Now: NUI - A New Genre of User Experience
Tim Huckaby

For more than 30 years developers have been building enterprise software for small computers like the PC. Arguments are frequently made that the tools, plumbing and platforms makes building software easier than we ever dreamed. And many of today’s software architects will argue that building software is more difficult than ever because of the complexities of integration and the myriad of choices in solution architecture.

Now, a reinvigorated focus on user experience with rich client and rich internet application (RIA) developer technologies have created even greater opportunities for the creation of awesome applications. When you couple that with the advent of multi touch capable hardware at consumer prices and the high level .NET APIs to leverage multi-touch capabilities, we have the start of the new age of software focused on the Natural User Experience (NUI). NUI applications manifest in “new” platforms and developer technologies such as Windows 7, Surface, WPF, The Windows 7 Mobile phone and Silverlight and all can leverage innovative capabilities like Multi-touch, Cloud and parallel computing.

This demo focused keynote will take an amusing look at the past and take an impressive look at some of the best software being built today and into the immediate future.

1030 Pauză / Break 1030
1045 Hybrid solutions in Office 365
Paul Roman
Open Panel: Windows 8
Lino Tadros, Mihai Tãtãran
WebSockets on Windows 8
Florin Cardașim

HTML5 Web Sockets represents the next evolution of web communications—a full-duplex, bidirectional communications channel that operates through a single socket over the Web.

This session will introduce the main concepts around the subject and will provide technical demonstrations of the forthcoming web sockets support implemented in Windows 8, ASP.NET and WCF 4.5.

1145 Coffee break 1145
1215 Stronghold to Strengthen: Advanced Windows Server Hardening
Paula Januszkiewicz

So you have achieved a high level of the network functionality. The ‘working’ level. Your users are happy and everything looks fine… but… There are still many things you can do to your IT infrastructure that won’t change the functionality but increase the level of security. Hardening shown by Paula during the session includes: server hardening, infrastructure hardening and internet services hardening. All filled with unique configuration options. Very inspiring session with tips to take and use in the company environment.

Target audience: developers, architects, IT pros, IT managers.

Web development with F#
Adam Granicz
Security in WCF
Leonard Abu-Saa
1315 Prânz / Lunch 1315
1415 How to tackle the Single Sign-On challenge in 2012
Mihai Nadăș
SQL 2012 for developers
Cristian Lefter

The new version of SQL Server is already available on the market whether we are ready or not. This session intends to answer questions (from a developer perspective) such as:

Why should I care about SQL Server 2012?

What is a ColumnStore Index?

What happened to the Business Intelligence Development Studio?

What is and why do I need SQL Server Express LocalDB?

Transact-SQL and Extended Events improvements? What kind of improvements?

How about unstructured data?

Is that all?

We will also take a brief look at the Microsoft certification program and Official Curriculum for SQL Server 2012.

Building modern web sites with ASP .Net Web API, WebSockets and SignalR
Alessandro Pilotti
1515 Coffee break 1515
1545 Using the Cloud for Load Testing
Martin Kulov
Developing an Xbox LIVE game for Windows Phone
Cătălin Zima-Zegreanu

What is Chickens Can't Fly? What are Xbox LIVE games on Windows Phone 7? What went wrong and what went right?

A session about working with Microsoft Game Studios and Development Team and Technologies.

Domain logic in "3D": Domain Driven Design
Adrian Bontea
1645 Pauză / Break 1645
1700 Presentation Skills for IT Professionals
Viorel Apetrei
Windows 8 Metro applications Development
Lino Tadros
Developing SharePoint 2010 and Silverlight Web Parts – Tips and Tricks
Ovidiu Becheș-Puia
Private & Public Cloud Development & Mobile Architecture & Best Practices
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900 Unmasking Infrastrucure’s Evil
Paula Januszkiewicz, Tiberiu Covaci

Have you ever wondered what could happen with your company if your infrastructure was digitally damaged? Today! Right now! Security espionage sounds scary, huh? There are no doubts that there are better business continuity testing methods available.

What about the technical guru dismissal? Topics covered in this session help you to feel for the detective role and also protect your network and software from malicious pranks. During this intensive session we will guide you through the forgotten regions that were available only for administrators and advanced developers: tracing, detection and protection from the geek revenge.

Don't count on making a truce... Very technical and entertaining session!

Social media platform with Telligent Community, WCF RESTful and Sitecore
Ovidiu Stan

The architecture of a real world .Net project that was the technical answer to the client’s desire of implementing the “UK’s biggest, funnest game ever”.

In this session you will explore this architecture and be introduced to web frameworks and technologies that are used such as Telligent Community (leading community platform in .NET), WCF RESTful API (security especially), Sitecore (among the best .Net CMSs), CDN (Akamai) integration and more.

Project Management in software companies
Florian Ivan
1000 Pauză / Break 1000
1015 CRM2011, Office365 & Azure: all-in-the-cloud Integration
Giorgio Garcia-Agreda

What does Microsoft’s next generation of Virtualization and Private Cloud solutions bring to the table? Find out all the benefits of using a combination of Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager to automate your management, provisioning and monitoring of virtual machines in your infrastructure.

Building metro style applications on Windows 8 using background task
Radu Vunvulea

Building complex application in metro style require more than user interface. Background tasks open a new universe and give us the ability to run code when the application is suspended or closed.

During this session you will discover not only when and how to use background tasks but also what limitation we have when we use them.

Architectural decisions on the battlefield
Sergiu Damian

Software Architecture is that magical place in the software development world bordering technology, art and politics. You have the best technical skills but can't convince your Project Manager? Time pressure does not allow you to design the ideal architecture? You have to make critical decisions to lead your project to success in a less than perfect world?

During this session you will learn how to fight for success from case studies carefully selected from real projects.

1115 Coffee break 1115
1145 Serving 10M requests per day: architecture challenges for high traffic ASP.NET websites
Dan Fizesan

Take a deep dive into the macro and micro architecture of high traffic websites, see how they work and why. During this session you will learn how to tweak them to get high availability, scalability and performance for your on premise website.

Introducing Kendo UI for ASP.NET MVC
Alexander Gyoshev
Private Cloud with Hyper-V 3 and SCVMM 2012
Tudor Damian
1245 Prânz / Lunch 1245
1345 Advanced Data Access Strategies with Windows Azure - performance and scalability
Mihai Tătăran

In this session you will understand the pros and cons of SQL Azure and Table Storage from the performance and scalability perspectives, and you will learn some tips and tricks on how to take advantage of them.

Advanced Debugging of ASP.NET applications
Tiberiu Covaci

You are working on a new complex system, and you want to make sure that you discover potential problems before you release it to the customer. Or you deployed your application and after a while the performance starts going down. What do you do? How do you find out what is going on? What tools do you have available? Come to this session to find out!

Kanban - an effective IT change management approach
Cornel Fatulescu
1445 Coffee break 1445
1515 System Center Configuration Manager 2012
Adrian Stoian
Latest in Windows Phone Development
Lino Tadros
SCRUM - Removing impediments
Dan Nicola

Usually, teams that implement SCRUM do not reach their full potential because they fail to identify and remove impediments. We will take a look at the impediments most companies face today and discuss various solutions a SCRUM team can adopt for constantly improving their way of working.

1615 Pauză / Break 1615
1630 Open Panel: IT Communities and personal development
Alessandro Teglia, Cristian Lefter
Building single page, modular HTML5 applications for PC and Mobile
Lorant Domokos

Web standards are at a point where they push us to consider replacing native client applications on PCs and Mobile devices. This way we can leverage our previous knowledge, saving us from building the same applications over and over again on different platforms.

HTML5, CSS3 enables us to create very rich and engaging web applications through animations and media. But most web applications still require page refreshes when moving from page to page, causing them to fall short of their native counterparts.

In this session you will learn how to build rich web applications that part from the traditional page refresh model. You will gain an insight into how to accomplish this with highly modular JavaScript, CSS and HTML code, both on PC and Mobile devices.

Introduction to WinRT
Rafaelle Rialdi

Windows 8 is going to introduce a new user experience called Metro that is based on seven fundamental pillars: immersive, engaging and alive, connected, interactive, multiple form factors, inspiring confidence, and multitasking. WinRT is the new native layer that expose Windows functionalities in an object oriented way and let the developers build new Metro-style applications using both native (C++ and javascript) and managed languages.

During the session we will look at the WinRT architecture analyzing the core parts of the Windows runtime: the new type system, the security sandbox, the Contracts, the asycn pattern, the Metro package, language projections and how it is even possible to use a WinRT subset from traditional desktop environment, avoiding PInvoke calls.


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